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After attending a fabulous lecture about organic food at a Connecting Women event, I signed up for the Dutch equivalent of Community Supported Agriculture. Thus every week, we have several bags of fresh organic fruit and vegetables delivered to our doorstep by Kievit. I know this sounds rather extravagent for a full time grad student with no time to contribute to the household income and a part time church manager. But I am a master justifier when it comes to making healthy choices that bite into our budget. Here are the points I used to convince my husband:
organic is healthier
we hardly ever eat out
we make 90% of our lattes at home (except for that one I had yesterday on a terrace in the sun as a means of bonding with husband)
they deliver to your doorstep (less trips to the store)
we don’t own a car

Thus, view this extravagance as money that would have gone to lattes and benzine (what they call fuel over here).

And I’m cooking! Delicious, organic meals that make it rather palatable and less depressing to always eat at home. A few weeks ago there was a long stock of rhubarb in our packet. What on earth do I do with this? I thought. I know my mom made rhubarb pie once in a while when it was summer time and she was on vacation from her teaching job, but otherwise, I hadn’t encountered this strange creation in my adulthood, and had never seen it on the shelves of the grocery store.

So I went online. I adapted a recipe for strawberry rhubarb crumble, using stevia in place of the 2 cups of sugar the recipe called for. Our dinner guests loved it. Even the kids ate it.

Every week I look forward to what will be on our porch next and Ezra and Arie Jan are even beginning to eat salads on a weekly basis.

If you live in The Netherlands and you want food that tantalizes your tastebuds, I highly recommend a CSA, and Kievit is a great place to start.