Kristin in Holland is about Kristin in Holland. My family relocated from the USA to Den Haag on New Year’s Eve 2010 to bring in the New Year in a New-Old Land. I am starting this blog at the beginning of 2011, as I am currently looking through the romantic lenses of a newly minted expat. Thus, this is an ideal time to capture my first impressions of this international city before the mundanity of life knocks off my rosy eyewear.  One can only hope that idealism will continue into old age.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Megan Ball

    Hi! I’ve just come across your blog while researching how to begin a (terribly cliché) move out of the US. I am finding that The Netherlands seems to be a very good fit for what we are looking for. Would you be willing to give me any insights to the challenges ahead? Any resources you recommend? Thank you so much and I will continue enjoying your blog!

    1. Hi Megan. Thanks for reaching out. The Netherlands is a great country, but also very densely populated. That was a surprise for me as I was used to more open space. It is very difficult to get jobs here. But if you have high technical skills that should help. I have a Dutch husband, so my immigration process and permission to work here will
      Most likely be different than your process. Going to bed soon 10pm here. Let me know if you have specific questions and I will respond later in the week if I have any info that is relevant. Good luck!

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